12/07 - Running Room, a short story, available now to

            read in the anthology, Welcome Home 


11/13 - David, a short story, available to read to now in               the anthology The Big Book of Blasphemy          


10/28 - Release Day!

            Rawr (a novella) out now from Severed Press.

09/06 - Contract signed! Plantation Pan, a sci-fi/cosmic

            horror novella to be released early in 2020 by                  Omnium Gatherum.

09/05 - The Newel Post, a short story, available to

            read to now in the anthology In Darkness                         Delight:  Creature of the Night (Amazon)

07/18 - Release Day! 

            Trouble at Camp Still Waters (a novella) available

            now from Severed Press.


07/25 - Southside Broadcasting/Siren Radio

            Listen here

04/15 - This Is Horror Podcast

            Episode 270 (Part 1)           

            Episode 271 (Part 2)

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