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Anna Narraway has made some bad decisions and has known some bad luck, but she sees a chance at getting her life back on course and, alongside her son, Max, decides to rob the strange old doctor’s mansion while he’s on vacation. The old man is a hermit and has stacks of cash hiding in his home, but it’s what’s beneath his home that is more incredible.
Through a soggy floor, Anna and Max fall deep into the massive laboratory of the maniac scientist and his giant, incredible creatures. Anna and Max must use their wits and their will to survive the ordeal and make it out of the underground lab before they become another meal for the monstrous beasts lurking under the estate.
Can they escape with their lives after discovering what lurks beneath? The odds aren't very good.


"This is what a skilled author can do. They can make an unlikable character likable, and Generous is a very skilled author."

-- Steve Pattee, Horror DNA


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