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Forced from their apartment, Hannah Laurie and her children, Skylar and Gabe, head north to seek cheaper housing, unaware Hannah’s deadbeat ex has put them in danger from a morally bankrupt biker gang. Chasing up the highway, Hannah crashes, forcing them to flee on foot. The family spots hope for refuge in the form of a cabin deep in the woods, cordoned off by a rusty fence, unaware the safety they’d hoped to find is not on offer within the cabin. Instead, they find a foggy doorway at the bottom of a bunker.
Anywhere seems better than where they are, and they rush through the mysterious doorway to find oddity mounted atop oddity on the far side. Giant birds, giant bugs, giant dinosaurs…there’s no turning back, and the family must outsmart and outlast the maniacs and the beasts if they have any hope of leaving this impossible terror in their dust.
Where the Dinosaurs Roam is a high-octane dino grindhouse featuring mounting screams, savage creatures, and buckets of blood.



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