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In the whole wide world, Annie Pilgrim has only her mother and all the wonders of nature; they’re all she needs. But when an accident forces her to live with a father she’s never met, her life falls victim to a tug-o-war between who she was raised to be and a girl who might just fit in with regular high school society. If that wasn’t hard enough, add in exsanguinated corpses, mysterious flying creatures, and lost time. Annie Pilgrim must decide between the way she was raised, the way the Temple family wants her to act, and the budding natural changes within her.
Odd, an outcast, Annie Pilgrim is just a girl looking to find happiness in a world full of accidents, bullies, and a trail of bloodless victims that leads right up to her doorstep.


"This is a blast!...Horror fans looking for a fast paced read with a compelling female protagonist will quickly devour this frightful story."

Nico Bell, author of 

Food Fright and Open House




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