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Cool Stuff From January

January was busy, is always busy, and I think that goes for just about everyone, so I didn't catch many new-to-me movies, and of the ones I saw, none blew me away, but some other stuff happened.

The Journal of Black Ivy published my short story about dimensional disturbances and hitting the gym for New Years resolutions. You can read that one for free, just click on the link below.


Next cool thing is actually three things. I sold two short stories and a novella. The novella will likely be out this month (February) based on how things typically go with Severed Press. It's called Savage Beasts of the Arctic Circle. I'm pretty excited, RAWR, my last book with them, sold waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any book I've published (Severed, Unnerving, anything). The shorts' tables of contents haven't been announced yet, so...I won't say.

Third cool thing is a pretty awesome deal for me. It's a more serious novella: a cosmic horror, sci-fi, and cli-fi genre blend built on the groundwork Arthur Machen laid with The Great God Pan. It's with a new-to-me publisher, so hopefully it sells and I don't look like an asshole. Check it out at the link below.


I guess finally, I read two absolute knockout books in January (I read seven total, I think, but two of which were revisits, so I'll leave those alone).

The first was My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh. Totally strange and fun and masterfully written. So engaging. The second was called The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Absolute page-turning legal thriller with a fantastically unpredictable ending that managed to hold onto total plausibility given tidbits hidden in the busy foreshadows. Both are 100% worth looking into, no matter your preferred genre.

Lastly, in January I reached a pretty big milestone. It wasn't until about six or seven hundred rejections that I could see them as any kind of positive, and once I got into the nine hundreds, I was really focused on that big fourth digit. Well...I hit it, one thousand rejections, and the final coming from F&SF, on a Christmas story called Little Candies Behind Little Doors. I guess I just keep pushing to the next one thousand.

That's it for my personal stuff (the Rewind or Die releases began in January, too, but that's Unnerving), hopefully I have more good stuff to come in February.

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