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Release day. Plantation Pan, a novella by me, published by Omnium Gatherum Books, available now in paperback and eBook.

A cosmic horror and science fiction sequel to Arthur Machen’s masterpiece, The Great God Pan. Centuries after Earth has become uninhabitable, the planet has rejuvenated. The Union, the organization governing the diaspora, sends a team to the mother planet with hopes of resuming life on the homeland. For months, activity on Plantation Earth has been irregular and The Union has been receiving strange transmissions, until finally, they’ve lost contact altogether. The Union recruits Lay Watt to be a member of the second team to go the planet’s surface. Lay finds that the close-knit crew considers her an outsider. This is a dangerous state of affairs as the team wades through humanity’s ruins to seek out the ancient source of the current disaster. As they explore, a figure on the periphery of their dreams stalks the edges of their reality and threatens to destroy all they know to be true.

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