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Best Reads of the First Third of 2020

So far I've tackled 31 books, though I've been doing a bunch of rereading this year, so I'll just tackle the really good books I'd read for the first time.

Listed in order of most recently finished.

Loads of underwater action and creepy good stuff. Great monster. Accessible writing. Totally engaging.

Outside the expected mosaic collection of stories. Comedic. Horrific. Sexy. Sometimes totally bonkers.

Really fantastic. Totally hit the spot. Great story. Great pacing. Great voice. Block rocked this one, start to finish.

Outrageous. Funny. Engrossing. Surprising. I don't know, could anybody be more reliable than Westlake? Is it possible?

This book is magic. An engaging, mysterious story, all the way through. Totally awesome.

Is you were teaching a class on suspense writing, my guess you'd use this book as an example of skirting a plotting masterpiece.

Totally fantastic. Lightning pacing. Endearing characters. Great, relatable hook.

Incredible story. Painful. Endearing. Fantastic, accessible writing.

This one gets thick and the weaving of the situation left me spinning by the end. Almost story with a perfect conclusion.

Brilliantly written. Totally deserving of all the praise it's gotten and will get in the future. I hope when they make the movie, they cast Natasha Lyonne as the doctor.

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