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Watchable? Maybe. Voodoo

“The worst horror movie I ever saw was fucking great,” Stephen King said to Eli Roth during their conversation on Eli Roth’s History of Horror.

I wish I could say the same thing. I quit on so many movies (quit on just about every TV show). My time is valuable to me and watching terrible shit irks me something awful…but maybe I’m just looking the wrong way. There must be nuggets of enjoyment out there.

In an effort to find positives, I’m forcing myself to watch entire movies that I go into assuming extreme suckage.

This is not a rating of the summed up quality, but a rating between 1 (I might barf if I watch the whole thing) and 5 (I could hardly look away from the screen) of how watchable the movies are.

Voodoo (1995)

After he joins a college fraternity, Andy is approached by a mysterious older man who tells him that the group are actually evil cult-members with a penchant for black magic...

Before the weight of the world got to Corey Feldman, he was a pretty decent actor, especially in comedic roles…this is not a comedy. This movie also starred Jack Nance and the woman who played one of the trio of Superman’s nemeses in that one with the prisoners from Krypton or something.

Anyway, the story is pretty thin in spots and the characters and their dialogue got a little bit what-the-fuck, but mostly it was okay. You’ve got a Voodoo dude trying to live forever by sacrificing frat pledges, fun idea, would’ve worked great with comedic horror. Again, not a comedy.

This one plays out pretty quickly and has an underlying sum of suspense. Enough times you’re thinking why did they do that when they could’ve just done this? Which pulls you from a movie, so certainly not full marks, but it is quick and has a good sum of chase scene running, which is like suspense set to motion. (Corey Feldman runs funny…I shouldn’t talk, but it was there.)

3/5 – Watchable? In a pinch or if you’re hungover and nothing else is on.

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