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Ten Days a Novel: Day IX

I have done it and I am happy. That was the most difficult writing task I've ever given myself. It left me beat and sore, as if I was physically doing something, but it's finished and I am equal parts relieved and happy.

Man, it feels good to have pounded this thing out. I think under the perfect circumstances (right story in mind, cast mostly predetermined, cool weather, limited distractions, music playlist arranged and set with multiple elements in mind), I could do a story this length in three days, but we'll see if I want to beat myself up like this again (and worse).


9:45 AM - Woke up, ate breakfast (more Red Berries without any red berries),

10:15 AM - Writing

12:30 PM - Lunch (crackers and hummus), hockey (why do Canadians bother watching anymore... twenty-five fucking years! Ugh)

2:50 PM - Writing

5:00 PM - Blog

Day IX Word Count: 3,050

Total Word Count: 60,088

Radio Run

After the great quakes and nuclear destruction, the Canadian government is attempting to rebuild its population and any threat to that goal is dealt with in the sternest, yet most entertaining way possible; they're sent into the wastelands with a chance at survival. If criminals sentenced to death by wastelands can survive the radiated trek from the former Brandon, Manitoba up into Anchorage, Alaska, while the public gambles on the Runners' fates, they are free to live.

The recent cast of Runners, three religious terrorists, a janitor, two scavengers, a nurse, and a historian do battle against the great mutations of the wastes: giant birds, giant bugs, evil plants, sasquatches that stand up to fifty-feet tall, prehistoric whales bigger than anything seen in the modern world, a giant octopus, water snakes with arms and legs, bad air, bad water, and insanity amongst their ranks.

Can any of them defeat the great odds against them and reach paradise?

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