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Ten Days a Novel: Day VII

Very good day. Words came easily and my brain had a bunch of surprises for me. Shame it came on a Friday (which is movie night in my neck of the universe).

If I get on a tear, it's possible I finish this tomorrow.


10:15 AM - Woke up, breakfast (same again), gave cats extended pets

10:45 AM - Writing

2:00 PM - Lunch (leftovers sampler)

2:45 PM - Writing

4:00 PM - House chores

4:30 PM - Writing

5:00 PM - Hockey (boo), supper (lamb and rice), Walmart, drugstore, watched movie (Thelma & Louise)

11:00 PM - Writing

12:30 AM - Exercise bike (started Occultation and Other Stories by Laird Barron), shower

2:30 AM - Writing

3:15 AM - Blog

Day VII Word Count: 5,028

Total Word Count: 50,610

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