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Ten Days a Novel: Day VI

Today was tough. I know three or four steps ahead now and for me, that makes it tougher to write. I like when it's spilling and I'm completely surprised, which is how it gets working eventually when I know what's coming, but it's harder to get moving.

Was wiped all day. Even after sleeping in. Didn't work out. Hardly met the minimum, thankfully that bad movie gave me a visual that spurred my brain.

Hopefully I can finish early, no doubt now, I'm going to finish this in time (unless some tragedy strikes).


11:30 AM - Woke up (the cats were fucking nuts all night), breakfast (same)

11:45 AM - Writing

2:45 PM - Lunch (corned beef and hummus sandwiches)

3:15 PM - Writing

4:15 PM - Too hot in office, read on couch (Binge-Watching Cure, pretty good book, fewer genre stories than I usually dig), watched hockey (boo), ate supper... sort of (Jiffy-pop with Life cereal and a handful of M&Ms), started into movie (Tentacles 197-something, quality poor, quit)

9:00 PM - Writing

1:15 AM - Social media and snack break (yogurt and graham crackers)

1:30 - Writing

2:15 - Blog post, have dishes to do (going to start listening to Stories All-new Tales edited by Neil Gaiman).

Day VI Word Count: 7,039

Total Word Count: 45,582

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