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Ten Days a Novel: Day V

Strange day. Started out strong, then fizzled some. But I'm still ahead of schedule and I can pretty well see where things need to go from here.

If numbers keep up, I'll finish on time. No way to tell now if it's going to be good enough to place, but I think it's a fun idea. I'll spill more beans once I'm through.


10:30 AM - Woke up, breakfast (Red Berries again)

10:45 AM - Writing

1:15 PM - Lunch (crackers and hummus), more videos of bad stuff in the ocean

2:00 PM - Writing

3:15 PM - Walking (listened to end of Victor LaValle's The Changeling, very good)

5:00 PM - Reading (new Owen King novelette, Positive Comments, very good)

6:00 PM - Supper (meat pies and taters with gravy), watched some hockey

8:00 PM - Writing

8:30 PM - Hockey

8:55 PM - Writing

10:15 PM - Workout, shower

11:30 PM - Writing

12:15 AM - Social media surfed

1:00 AM - Writing

2:30 AM - Wrote blog post, went to bed

Day V Word Count: 7,033

Total Word Count: 38,543

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