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Ten Days a Novel: Day IV

Today was the most difficult yet. I think I must've been really grinding my teeth in my sleep because I had one of those headaches that digs right into the bones. I took a bunch of Tylenol, but those headaches that become body aches drain me something awful. So, I was unfocused and struggling to see what was coming next for much of the day (and I even had an idea of where I'd get to).

Turns out it's harder than I thought to get a good idea of ocean monster movies that aren't about a hunter going out and hunting, or scientists, or bikini babes kicking away from great whites. Did watch a good portion of Deepstar Six (turns out the late, great Miguel Ferrer is in it).

I hope my complete lack of understanding of boats helps me write characters and situations involving a complete lack of understanding about boats, but somehow some of the folks get where they are going. It's the future, so maybe some built in automation or guidance systems.

On the upside of this difficult day, I passed one hundred pages written. If I guessed, I'd put myself at about halfway there.


9:45 AM - Woke up, breakfast (same as last two days), budding headache with sore teeth

10:00 AM - Writing

12:45 PM - Lunch (leftover rice), looked for movies about getting on a boat in an emergency (Oceans Rising (2017) - unwatchable), Twitter questions and conversations

1:50 PM - Writing

2:35 PM - Nap (headache that ran through to my eyes, neck, and back... too much screen time is adding to headache, methinks)

4:15 PM - Too damned hot in office, read on couch (Richard Laymon short - The Maiden, from an anthology titled Dark Love, cool story)

5:15 PM - Watched hockey, supper (freezer pizza)

7:00 PM - Writing

8:45 PM - Listened to Victor LaValle while playing video game hockey, body sore, headache gone

10:30 PM - Writing

2:00 AM - Worked out (watched about forty-five minutes of Deepstar Six, will continue tomorrow at lunch), showered

3:00 AM - Wrote blog, still have dishes to do

Day IV Word Count: 7,308

Total Word Count: 31,510

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