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Ten Days a Novel: Day III

It was another slow morning. Then a slow afternoon. The words really only came easily after my workout. Something about sweating like crazy that clears the head and allows the creative subconscious to build up a ready outpouring.

I also noticed I've mentioned some of the food I'm eating, but not all the food. I eat a ton of granola bars and drink about a pot of coffee throughout the day.

Based on where I am on the map (I have a start point and an end point I'm working with, physically I mean), I'm right close to halfway through the story. So, yippee.


9:30 AM - Woke up, breakfast (Red Berries again)

9:45 AM - Started reading and answering emails, stopped myself

10:15 AM - Writing

1:00 PM - Lunch (same lunch as yesterday), watched videos of extinct 'monsters'

1:45 PM - Writing

3:45 PM - Walked around neighborhood (too hot in Western-facing office that time of day on sunny days, turns out it was just as hot outside)

5:00 PM - Hockey

5:50 PM - Writing

6:20 PM - Hockey (boo), supper (rice, peppers, and pig)

7:45 PM - Writing

9:00 PM - Watched two and bit episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (wife had started watching the series the other day, seems pretty good, though I'm not much for TV shows)

10:00 PM - Worked out (mostly cardio), shower

10:45 PM - Watched short deathbed scenes on YouTube

11:15 PM - Writing

12:00 PM - Listened to more of Victor LaValle and The Changeling

1:00 AM - Writing

2:00 AM - Blog post

Day III Word Count: 7,170

Total Word Count: 24,202

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