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Ten Days a Novel: Day II

The day started well enough. The words weren't as easy as the first day. I'd pretty well spent the brunt of the coming and going thoughts I'd had about the story, but once I got into it, things started rolling.

Using a road and map is helping me gauge how far I ought to be in the story. I've been trying to watch bits of movies to get ideas, but I don't know which to watch. I wasted a few minutes scrolling on YouTube and doing that will kill my plan. Mostly. I have an idea on some stuff that might help with visuals, maybe it's better if I can't think too far ahead, don't want to corner my cast or get derivative.

And the day's diary.


9:45 AM - Woke up, ate breakfast (Special K Red Berries with milk)

10:15 AM - Writing

1:00 PM - Lunch (crackers, hummus, carrots, cheese, corned beef) and watching a top ten list of apocalypse movies, provided zero inspiration... is there actually better brain food for writing?

1:30 PM - Watched the first half of The Mist (2007) while working out, wanted to see big bugs

3:15 PM - Paused movie to shower, did not return to it

3:30 PM - Writing

5:30 PM - Supper break (spaghetti and turkey sausage), watched hockey (go Caps go)

6:15 PM - Writing

7:15 PM - Hockey break for the third period

7:45 PM - Blowout in third period (6-2 for Caps, quit watching before buzzer), went for walk

9:00 PM - Writing

10:30 PM - Tired (dishes to do), wrote blog post, going to spend a couple hours listening to more Victor LaValle

Day II Word Count: 7,017

Total Word Count: 17,032

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