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DEAD IS DEAD, BUT NOT ALWAYS, an explanation

I love talking horror books, particularly other people’s horror books, but alas, self-promotion must be done and I’m going to get on myself for a minute. I have a standalone book coming out on April 20th. It’s a collection of seven novelette length stories, titled DEAD IS DEAD, BUT NOT ALWAYS.

If you’re anything like me, you see a million nondescript titles and synopses of collections and say so what? Why do I care to read it? And it’s tough because collection descriptions don’t offer much of a window into the type of stories included, as it ain’t always easy to pin down a general consensus with multiple themes and settings.

On the whole, there are recurring vibes and locales here, but not every story features a similar tone or even type of horror, so here are the important points for you to decide if DEAD IS DEAD, BUT NOT ALWAYS is the kind of book you might enjoy reading:

The Howl

Setting: Secluded, frozen, Icelandic mountain range.

Type: Suspense, monster.

Main Cast: One woman, one man, three young girls.

Of the Knoll

Setting: Secluded, Canadian forest, old timey getaway, summer.

Type: Pagan rituals, suspense, monster.

Main Cast: One teen boy, one man, one old woman.

We, in the Dark, Together, Forever

Setting: Farm, summer.

Type: Cosmic, suspense, monster, ghost.

Main Cast: One boy, one teen boy, one teen girl, one man, one woman, one grandfather.


Setting: Farm, summer.

Type: Monster, semi-Biblical, suspense.

Main Cast: Two women, two men.

The Weight of Solitude, the Pressure of Conscience

Setting: Secluded, frozen, Canadian Arctic.

Type: Suspense, cabin fever, bears, monster.

Main Cast: One man, voices over radio.

Dead Lake

Setting: Secluded, Northern Ontario, Canada, cottage on a lake, summer.

Type: Suspense, ghosts.

Main Cast: One woman, one man, one girl.

Over the Fields and Through the Woods

Setting: Secluded, Canadian farm, forest, summer.

Type: Suspense, monster.

Main Cast: Two boys, one man.


“Dead is Dead, But Not Always is a unique collection that thrills and illuminates. The prose is sharp and almost lyrical, these stories are not your average fare. These are thoughtful, complex tales that transcend the concept of genre.”

—Mark Allan Gunnells, author of

Companions in Ruin and The Cult of Ocasta

“With cutting tales simultaneously ominous, brooding, and viscerally horrifying, Eddie Generous brings a welcome flair of originality to his newest collection. digs into the surreal darkness of your worst nightmares and drags your demons shredding and clawing their way to the treacherous surface of reality.”

—Shane D. Keene reviewer on

Shotgun Logic and HorrorTalk

The paperback and eBook are up for pre-order here

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