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New Venture

Those who are personal-Facebook-account-close might already know that I’m taking a fairly pricey writing course in the coming weeks.

When I saw the announcement for the course (three days prior to closing), my first thought was ‘How cool would that be? Oh well.’ This is a product of my existence. Like the majority, the notion of fee eliminates nearly everything very cool people in the world get to do.

This idea occurred the first time I sought a post-secondary education as well. I weighed the cost of journalism at a respectable university (that had accepted my application) versus a community college. I went to college. And guess what, there’s more than price separating the two.

But that’s a whole other story.

That lackluster education's debt loomed over me for about a decade, even with all the government price breaks given thanks to my tax bracket. Some of the debt got amalgamated in with other money, so maybe I haven’t even paid it all off yet.

Recognizing that the total cost for this pipedream, personal Graceland level course would be about $6K Canadian is usually enough to keep me forever saying no to myself.

My wife asked if I’d apply and I laughed at her. I stated the cost and the annoyance of a recently cleared credit card carrying big (for me, for my wife) numbers, but the sheer awesomeness kept on a tugging.

So I applied knowing if I got in it would take about a decade to pay off.

Then I reassured myself they wouldn’t take me, for a host of reasons.

Well shit, I got in and my head just about exploded with how cool it was going to be on one side and on the other side, I immediately got to brainstorming ways I could keep doing all the publishing stuff to the level I’ve been doing it (I’d earn significantly more for the hours spent if I worked at McDonald’s) and not feel under the debt for so long.

The easy answer seemed to be that I branch out on what I’d already been doing. And I suppose it’s a good sign that two people asked me about outside Unnerving editing help this week alone.

So, hopefully I’m not stepping on too many toes… I’ve opened an Etsy store featuring a bunch of pre-made book covers and I’ve opened my free time for editing services. The editing prices around the norm, less than the rates outside indie horror, as I know most horror folks are in a similar spot to where I am. With any luck, I can make up the education cost in five years rather than ten.

Should anyone need editing (from light to heavy) or art, shoot me an email or visit my Etsy Store.

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