November 23, 2019

Day 322 Nov 17, 2019

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY by Richard Matheson

The Incredible Shrinking Man – 1994 (story originally published in Playboy, 1970)

Horror – 3 Pages

Apparently Voodoo dolls aren’t a real practice in any Voodoo, but instead are a British thing, but I only learned...

November 17, 2019

Day 315 Nov 10, 2019

UNCLE CHARLE by Christy Mann

Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019

Horror – 4 Pages

Probably the most redundant little short story I’ve ever read. The author said the same things multiple times and used a handful of nouns repeatedly. Unnecessarily so....

November 10, 2019

Day 308 Nov 3, 2019

GOBBL’UNS by Thea Brune

Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019

Horror – 10 Pages (about, digital)

Ooh, favorite of this anthology so far. A monster under the bed story with a good number of twists and a double tap ending. The writing’s accessible and qui...

November 2, 2019

Day 301 Oct 27, 2019

THE SOUL WITHIN by Jennifer Nestojko

Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019

Horror – 13 Pages

The writing in this one’s pretty pedestrian and it took a while to get into as two-thirds is backstory being filled in, so nothing enveloping. There’s also a l...

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