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Priscilla and James have just lost their businesses, their home, and all prospects for the future when a night of drinking turns them into outlaws on the run. When they awaken in a stolen car, desert surrounding them, they begin to plan a way forward that doesn’t involve jail. First things first, they need money, food, and gasoline.
Masks on, guns drawn, the pair fumble through rural Arizona, not making very good criminals. A kindness is paid to them one night, and in return, they pay it forward to a dehydrated, delirious man wandering along a desolate road beneath a pounding sun.
What James and Priscilla don’t know is that this man is a spree killer who is disgusted by boring things and people. Together, the couple alongside the man plan a robbery, unaware that their new partner cares nothing for money or planning for his future. There’s violence, there’s blood, and there’s a promise of more to come, especially when the luckless couple prove a little more boring than the spree killer first thought.
Can Priscilla and James survive the insane man’s murder spree?
Is there any future for them if they do?


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