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Chaos ensues on the morning of a grizzly bear attack while miles away in the same forest, a behemoth, ancient beast climbs from a cave and begins to declare its territory with ravenous violence.Hunters come in droves but the beast proves itself too big and too cunning, using its fearsome teeth and claws to destroy the intruders. Many die and blood is spilled by the gallon, but has the beast met its match when a park ranger, an average joe, and a trail expert come together to predict where the beast will attack next?


"I love these kinds of books. This reads like a script for a SyFy channel movie. Take the Jaws formula and replace the shark with a bear, add in some interesting thought processes for said bear and you have Rawr."

-- Adam Wilson

"Humorous, fun, and full of great characters and huge kills. Load up!"

-- Zachary Ashford, author of 

Sole Survivor and When the Cicadas Stop Singing


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