Daily Short Story Diary - Week 47

Day 322 Nov 17, 2019 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY by Richard Matheson The Incredible Shrinking Man – 1994 (story originally published in Playboy, 1970) Horror – 3 Pages Apparently Voodoo dolls aren’t a real practice in any Voodoo, but instead are a British thing, but I only learned that recently and Richard Matheson wrote this story way before Google. It’s a fun little tale, one of those evil smirk kind of stories. Obvious, but held attention thanks to a great pace. Another nice thing, given its age, he didn’t default to white male, and described skin tone rather than saying the black barber and the black manicurist. **** Day 323 Nov 18, 2019 THE LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD by Ray Bradbury The stories of

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 46

Day 315 Nov 10, 2019 UNCLE CHARLE by Christy Mann Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019 Horror – 4 Pages Probably the most redundant little short story I’ve ever read. The author said the same things multiple times and used a handful of nouns repeatedly. Unnecessarily so. The story itself was limp noodle, too. * Day 316 Nov 11, 2019 THE CARTOONIST by Fredric Brown Nightmares and Geezenstacks – 1961 Science Fiction – 8 Pages This goofy little tale deals with interdimensional travel and perspective mingling with circumstances. It’s fun enough, but has little punch, and the humor was so-so. Purposefully weird, but tepid in that. *** Day 317 Nov 12, 2019 GOT SPIRIT by Judy Budnitz Flying Leap –

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 45

Day 308 Nov 3, 2019 GOBBL’UNS by Thea Brune Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019 Horror – 10 Pages (about, digital) Ooh, favorite of this anthology so far. A monster under the bed story with a good number of twists and a double tap ending. The writing’s accessible and quick. The right kind of voice for this almost schlocky kind of tale. Reminds me of those anthology movies from the eighties. Good, nasty fun. ***** Day 309 Nov 4, 2019 ELEPHANT by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 General – 18 Pages Another gem from the Carver pile. Here you get a guy getting financially bled to dead by his people. And he just keeps paying. It’s frustrating, sadly funny, and way re

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 44

Day 301 Oct 27, 2019 THE SOUL WITHIN by Jennifer Nestojko Stories We Tell After Midnight – 2019 Horror – 13 Pages The writing in this one’s pretty pedestrian and it took a while to get into as two-thirds is backstory being filled in, so nothing enveloping. There’s also a lot of banking things off characters…so and so could see something, she noticed that the something was something, whatever, stuff like that. Once into, the topic digs in some bleak tendrils. The story was better than the writing. *** Day 302 Oct 28, 2019 GUILT by Judy Budnitz Flying Leap – 1998 General – 16 Pages Holy, that’s two for two in this collection. A man sits at the hospital while his mother’s in care after a heart

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