Daily Short Story Diary - Week 26

Day 176: June 23, 2019 JUST ANOTHER BUG HUNT by William Meikle Bug Eyed Monsters – 2019 Horror – 23 Pages (about, digital) This one is pure b-horror fun. A young man and his brother bump into something nasty and it snowballs into a great big insectile mess. As always, written in that ever-accessible Meikle prose with quick progression and big imagination. The only downfall for me was the pretty good finale didn’t double tap into something huge, like, hey we got it, but then the characters turn around and they don’t got it. But smarter than that with interwoven implications and costs. **** Day 177: June 24, 2019 GONE DOWN TO CORPUS by Dennis Lehane Coronado – 2006 (story originally published

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 25

Day 169: June 16, 2019 CHEF’S HOUSE by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 (story originally published in 1981) General – 5 Pages A couple stories in a row in this huge collection have dealt with drying out. They’re so raw and realistic and sad (makes sense, given the man’s life and his own quitting drinking). This one is a too common reality in real life: you’re in the shit, some tiny thread of hope comes up so you latch on, but it a bust and you’re just as fucked as if you hadn’t done all that work to better yourself. Great story painted in the hues of everyday life. ***** Day 170: June 17, 2019 PIGEON FEATHERS by John Updike 100 Years of the Best American Short S

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 24

Day 162: June 9, 2019 KING CRAB VERSUS GIANT SCORPIAN by William Meikle Bug Eyed Monsters – 2019 Adventure – 24 Pages (about, digital) Big monsters and big guns. Man, I don’t really like army guns in stories. The way the soldiers die and fire, they’re nameless, faceless, inconsequential, simply part of the scenery of the story. Steady sacrifices. Anyway, this fast-paced jaunt has a real Pacific Rim vibe, but with prehistoric and other dimensional creatures, and offers up some fun visuals, but was ultimately lacking in much to care about (good chance I’m simply not the intended audience, because if I liked bang-bang pew-pew there’d be a lot to like about this one). ** Day 163: June 10, 2019 E

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 23

Day 155: June 2, 2019 ELIZABETH by Shirley Jackson The Lottery and Other Stories – 1949 General – 43 Pages This one’s less about plot and more about a character existing in a situation she’s frustrated with. It’s pretty slow and the character is designed in an unlikeable light. Her looks are failing, her relationship with her business partner is a bust, and a pretty new girl has started in the office. This reads like a warning to move on before it’s too late and the rut you’re in is too deep to climb out of. *** Day 156: June 3, 2019 GREAT LOST DISCOVERIES I by Fredric Brown Nightmares and Geezenstacks – 1961 Horror – 3 Pages Doctor discovers a serum of invisibility so he quits his job and s

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 22

Day 148: May 26, 2019 THIS IS DEATH by Donald Westlake The Mists From Beyond – 1993 (originally published in The Thirteenth Ghost Book, 1977) Horror – 13 Pages First really great story of the anthology! A man hangs himself and has to linger with his body for the full reaction of his wife, while learning the truth behind what caused his desire to kill himself. It’s fantastic. Snarky, suspenseful, surprising, and scary. This story really is something. ***** Day 149: May 27, 2019 CAREFUL by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 (story originally published in 1981) General – 13 Pages The semi-disjointed family is a recurring theme in much of Carver’s stuff, but it’s rarel

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