Daily Short Story Diary - Week 21

Day 141: May 19, 2019 THE SUN, POPULATION:1 by Brent Michael Kelley Doomsday Furnace – 2019 Horror – 6 Pages (about, digital) Sinister grin-inducing, this one’s a comedic apocalypse story. A man hijacks a space station designed to harness and narrow the power of the sun as the truth of his insanity unravels on the page. It’s quick and fun. *** Day 142: May 20, 2019 THE HOUSE by Fredric Brown Nightmares and Geezenstacks – 1961 Horror – 3 Pages This one is especially atmospheric for a Fredric Brown flash story, but it’s a man and fantastical house, so what else? It’s spooky and foreboding, but lulling at the same time, and then WHAM! **** Day 143: May 21, 2019 NEGATIVES by Annie Proulx Heart S

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 20

Day 134: May 12, 2019 A COUNTRY KILLING by Annie Proulx Heart Songs and Other Stories – 1988 (story added to updated edition, 1994) General – 14 Pages This one bounces around a bit more than the common Proulx, so that in itself is a fun surprise. It opens on some Jehovah’s Witnesses finding a dead body and pops back to the real beginning because dead bodies are the end of a story. Fully realized characters in full-bodied settings, could almost feel that country heat. Super engaging. ***** Day 135: May 13, 2019 DOROTHY AND MY GRANDMOTHER AND THE SAILORS by Shirley Jackson The Lottery and Other Stories – 1949 General – 6 Pages This one is a bit of a comedy. Two girls are trained, or maybe it’s

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 19

Day 127: May 5, 2019 VITAMINS by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 (story originally published in 1981) General – 18 Pages This one’s like a time capsule. It shines a light on a scene that’s off-putting and dated, does so with full discomfort on display. From a historic view, it’s something I’ve never read before. Great character and scene structuring. Interesting and engaging. **** Day 128: May 6, 2019 THE SACRIFICE by A.H. Sargeant The Second Book of Corona Horror Stories – 2018 Horror – 5 Pages (about, digital) I guess if you’re going to go in on telling rather than showing, might as well go all the way in. This reads like a campfire tale or reading something i

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 18

Day 120: April 28, 2019 THE MONSTER by William Quincy Belle The Second Book of Corona Horror Stories – 2018 Horror – 8 Pages (about, digital) A monster under the bed. It’s been done, sure, but there’s always room for new takes. This one doesn’t go how I’d anticipated as I read, so that’s good. It hooks hard left, which is usually good, too, if it’s foreshadowed and logical. There is no logic here and the follow through was pretty clumsy as the author explained everything that put a man in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of leaving easy to read breadcrumbs. Also, there’s a transformation that just happens for the convenience of the story, here’s the biggest, aforementioned logic is

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