Daily Short Story Diary - Week 17

Day 113: April 21, 2019 THE THIRD THING THAT KILLED MY FATHER OFF by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 (story originally published in 1963) General – 14 Pages Another accidental reread. Oh, Dummy. This is a longish type story for Carver, but it follows the same kind of everyday folks as usual, having a bit of a hard time. This one veers harder than most and a murder actually happens. The dialogue is fantastic and realistically flawed. Even with a recent reread, this one had me hooked all the way (get it? because fishing). ***** Day 114: April 22, 2019 SONNY’S BLUES by James Baldwin 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories – 2015 (story originally published in

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 16

Day 106: April 14, 2019 HEART SONGS by Annie Proulx Heart Songs and Other Stories – 1988 (story originally published in Ploughshares, 1986) General – 13 Pages This one’s a little different from most of the Proulx stories I’ve read. It’s country, and backwoods, but it’s about an interloper musician, though he’s more of a slacker/drifter type than anything. I usually don’t care much for music stories. I find band members, how they’re written at least, to be obnoxious and boring, that said, this story really has nothing to do with the band and they aren’t obnoxious, they’re more like warning signs next to the swimming hole where the protagonist is treading. The conclusion is pure fun and I laug

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 15

Day 99: April 7, 2019 THE CHARLES DICKENS MYSTERY by W. Edward Blain Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine November 2012 Mystery – 10 Pages A man has five minutes to prove his innocence, a seasoned trope of the genre. When done well, it’s an exciting surprise. When done poorly, it’s outright stupid nonsense. This one is mostly good. There is one character who suddenly gives up a ruse two seconds after denying it, but she’s not really of great consequence to the crime or solving the mystery, so, mostly a pass. Intriguing with an expected outcome—pretty much—but enough twists in PoV reasoning to keep it interesting. **** Day 100: April 8, 2019 A HANDFUL OF EARTH by Silvia Moreno-Garcia The Humanity of

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 14

Day 92: March 31, 2019 MUO-KA’S CHILD by Indrapramit Das The Humanity of Monsters – 2015 Fantasy – 20 Pages (about, digital) This one is pretty much a twenty-page description of a fantastical place with huge beasts, or something. Nothing much happens, the protagonist is uncomfortable and scared at times, but as a reader I felt none of this emotion, just stuff on the pages. There’s a bit of a sneak ending, but it doesn’t really have punch. ** Day 93: April 1, 2019 SHARK! SHARK! By Ray Cluley Water for Drowning – 2019 (story originally published in Black Static, 2012) Horror – 20 Pages This one takes a bit to get into, the cutesy redundancy in narration rides a razor thin line between irritati

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