Daily Short Story Diary - Week 13

Day 85: March 24, 2019 DROWNED IN A SEA OF DREAMS by Donald Olson Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July 2012 Crime – 6 Pages This one is a touch softer than my normal crime interests, but the layers really had it pulling good duty. At no time did I see what was coming, but I should’ve—the ingredients were all there—which is the right way of the crime/mystery tale. Quick, smart, and surprising. Well-written and wholly entertaining. **** Day 86: March 25, 2019 TRESPASS by Richard Matheson (story originally appeared in Fantastic, 1953) Duel – 2003 Science Fiction – 43 Pages This one had a fun premise, but going in knowing it’s a Matheson story from the fifties, I pretty well figured I knew where i

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 12

Day 78: March 17, 2019 A THOUSAND STITCHES by Kate Jonez Lady Bits – 2019 (story originally published in Visible Delight, 2013) General – 16 Pages (digital, about) This is a fun one where you’re following along, thinking gee, not much happening and you get to the end and the old switcheroo has taken place. Much fun. Engaging writing, good characters, unexpected red herring. **** Day 79: March 18, 2019 SHAME THE DEVIL by James T. Shannon Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July 2012 Mystery – 8 Pages A bit of a sideways cop story. Guy happens to be a cop, but the thing he’s looking into is a family matter and out of his jurisdiction. It’s a slow unravel, but doesn’t lag. I didn’t see the unveiling

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 11

Day 71: March 10, 2019 WITCH HAZEL by Jeffrey Ford Haunted Nights – 2017 Horror – 15 Pages Okay, so to open, there’s a four-page historical info dump. Then we’re in the time, but more info is dumped for a handful more pages. I assume the author was doing like a period-pastiche, but shit, there’s a reason people don’t have eleven of fifteen pages of a story being written like a historical essay anymore. Once stuff starts happening, there’s some cool imagery involving worms, but nothing else. At. All. ** Day 72: March 11, 2019 MR. CRUEL by Philip Drake The Second Book of Corona Horror Stories – 2018 Horror – 8 Pages (about, digital) Having a kid with a babysitter is a good pairing to cast asid

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 10

Day 64: March 3, 2019 WHAT’S IN ALASKA by Raymond Carver Where I’m Calling From – Selected Stories 1989 (story originally published in 1972) General – 15 Pages High foursome ramble how high people ramble. There’s a rhythm to the dialogue in this one, like everyone’s playing a game, but they’re not, they’re just high. Kind of funny, but more intriguing because I don’t think it’s changed much (aside from the middle-aged years being a little older than in 1972, back when you got to die right after you retired). I really liked this one, Carver is the master of the mundane snapshot and this is a fine, strange, layered offering. ***** Day 65: March 4, 2019 A FLICKER OF LIGHT ON DEVIL’S NIGHT by Ka

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 9

Day 57: February 24, 2019 CRAWLSPACE by Stephen Graham Jones The Ones That Got Away – 2010 Horror – 31 Pages The atmosphere and smoldering suspense in this one is really something. At different times through the story, you’re worried about different things and then it comes back around and is biting you on the ass with the first creepy feeling. Really a special story. Ominous. Scary. Suspenseful. Human. ***** Day 58: February 25, 2019 THE SEVENTEEN-YEAR-ITCH by Garth Nix Haunted Nights – 2017 Horror – 17 Pages This one used the built-in ominous vibe of the criminal insane asylum to carry much of the vibe. There’s also a bit of a countdown and everyone telling each other to watch out, with on

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