Daily Short Story Diary - Week 8

Day 50: February 17, 2019 THE GRAY MADONNA by Graham Masterton Fear Itself – 1995 Horror – 15 Pages Stick with me…using shifted understandings of Christian mythology, bad stuff happens and the general consensus whispers what it might’ve been but refuses to tell the husband of a dead woman in a market in Belgium. Later, the husband returns for answers and finds them, though things don’t really tack together well, like if using Christianity, shouldn’t the answer include that, a punishment or whatever? This one doesn’t. It’s all disconnected, no motive. Still, entertaining enough. *** Day 51: February 18, 2019 A TASTE OF THE OLD COUNTRY by Jonathan Maberry Haunted Nights – 2017 Horror – 25 Page

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 7

Day 43: February 10, 2019 THE MERRY-GO ROUND MAN by Gary Brandner Fear Itself – 1995 Horror – 10 Pages This one takes strides to build up an emotional pull, using the family structure and a death of a loved member. Life goes on and irrational fear concerning that loss turns out to be not so irrational after all. It’s a very versatile horror vehicle and Brandner employs it well. Good emotion. Good suspense. Good twisting of reality. **** Day 44: February 11, 2019 THE VILLAGER by Shirley Jackson The Lottery and Other Stories – 1949 General – 7 Pages This one seems half-cooked, like there should be something more or some revelation or something, anything. Instead, you’ve got a woman not correct

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 6

Day 36: February 3, 2019 TRIAL BY COMBAT by Shirley Jackson The Lottery and Other Stories – 1949 (story originally published in The New Yorker, 1944) General – 6 Pages Being ladylike must’ve been quite trying, particularly when someone is stealing from you and decorum—I guess?—dictates you can’t do anything about it. This story grabs a pretty loose bit of emotional thread and gives it a slight tug, but not much more than that. Well-written and interesting and infuriating—for the main character—from the historical sense. *** Day 37: February 4, 2019 HOME AGAIN by Jeff Gelb Fear Itself – 1995 Thriller – 10 Pages This one opens on a corker of a horrific idea: son calls his dad from summer camp

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 5

Day 29: January 27, 2019 SO PERFECT by Stephen Graham Jones The Ones That Got Away – 2010 (story originally published in Grok, 2008) Horror – 22 Pages This one almost seemed like a straight crime story until blamo! Here comes the ghosties. The idea of evil teenage girls really works with me (which is good, a lot on the subject is available). The awfulness and short sightedness and cattiness, I don’t know why, but I find it a ton of fun. So this story carries on in regular evil teen girl format until shit goes completely haywire and the blood and gore begin spilling and flowing. **** Day 30: January 28, 2019 SHATTER by Tia Travis Fear Itself – 1995 Horror – 8 Pages This story relies completel

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