Daily Short Story Diary - Week 4

Day 22: January 20, 2019 FONTAINE HOUSE by Terrie Farley Moran Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine August 2012 Mystery – 10 Pages There’s been a murder over a risqué piece of history surrounding the absurdly wealthy Bellefontaine family. This story was obvious from beginning to end, but was set up as a mystery...so, I suppose it’s a fail. Everything wrapped up too neatly, too quickly. The bad guy rolled over like a well-trained dog when confronted. Though, the writing was nicely accessible, something that can be taken for granted, so, not horrid. ** Day 23: January 21, 2019 EXPRESS DELIVERY by Sarah Pinborough Waiting for October – 2007 (story originally published in Dark Rising Vol. 2, 2001) Horr

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 3

Day 15: January 13, 2019 GUNPOWDER ALLEY by Bill Pronzini Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine August 2012 Crime – 25 Pages At the opening of this one, I expected to dislike it. There’s a private detective, a patrol cop, and a gunshot in the night. I would say better than half the time that amounts to Yawn City, population ME. But, but, but, this one unravelled in a locked room mystery with what should’ve been a simple and obvious answer only discovered in hindsight due to the skillset of the culprit. The ending was great too, not especially happy or conclusive, but fitting and with a fun bit of dialogue. This one was engaging, methodical, and offered an honest rise at the corners of my mouth upon

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 2

Day 8: January 6, 2019 THE LONG SHADOW by Peter Turnbull Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine August 2012 Crime – 9 Pages The premise of this story was intriguing: a man sees a stolen figurine in a shop window that he knows to be from robbery that ended in a double murder. After that bit of intrigue, this story slows into a police procedural with monologue-dialogue—just like on bad TV were every character waits their turn to speak. The man cop is designed to be unlikeable: a fellow who finds murders worse when they happen to professionals and then makes him feel sad when he has to arrest former criminals who’ve gone on to become straight professionals. In that point I guess it’s realistic and why p

Daily Short Story Diary - Week 1

Here I'll try to be honest and forthright about what I think of the stories I read before I start my workday, but it's not really much of a review, just my thoughts and what I liked or disliked, sometimes I'll explain myself, sometimes not. Also, these are only the morning stories, some days I read many short stories, so these are just the pre-work stories. Got it? Good. Day 1: December 30, 2018 THE STREET ENDS AT THE CEMETERY by Clark Howard Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: August 2012 Crime – 25 Pages Bought a bundle of these back issues on the cheap from the publisher’s website about a year ago, finally getting to them. This is the first story of my new effort to tackle a ton of shorts in t

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