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01/12/2021 - SEVERED PRESS

In the midst of experiencing the worst day of his life, Andrew Golding—solo park ranger at a remote northern posting—returns from the vet’s office to discover chaos and destruction have fallen upon the woods he calls home. Trees are felled, dirt is rutted, and...blood is running.
There's a mammoth, unidentifiable beast on the prowl bent on satiating its ravenous bloodlust and hunger. Visitors have an explanation as to how and why the beast has risen in the forest, but will information and an outdoorsman's cunning be enough?
Andrew Golding must wade through the mess to destroy Behemoth, or die trying.
The beast is big, the beast is bad, the beast is BEHEMOTH!




Eddie Generous has fallen off three different roofs and been lit on fire on multiple occasions. He grew up on a farm and later slept with his shoes under his pillows in homeless shelters. He dropped out of high school to afford rent on a room at a crummy boarding house, but eventually graduated from a mediocre college. He is the author of several small press books, has 2.8 rescue cats (one needed a leg amputation), is a podcast host, and lives on the Pacific Coast of Canada.



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